Ken Wydro: Think on Your Feet
About the Book

Think on Your Feet


This is no ordinary "how to" book. In today's fast paced world, growth is imperative. Wydro's thoughts are clear and easy to implement. A great read to stimulate your thinking."
— Jim Goodrich, CLU, CHFC,
Northwestern Mutual Life

In the hurry, scurry and worry of daily life, we often lose sight of some of the principles for successful speaking, positive interpersonal exchanges, and satisfying living."
— Ken Wydro
Think on Your Feet

Key Concepts from the Book
  • Stimulus – THOUGHT – Response
    How a brief second of thought before responding can help develop poise and calm under pressure.

  • The P R E P Formula
    A quick, easy and dependable way to organize your thoughts on the spot.

  • The Personal Touch
    The advantages and benefits of making a presentation “personal” rather than impersonal.

  • "Wanting to" versus "Having to"
    Presenting with enthusiasm, meaning and purpose can make the crucial difference in a presentation — and in a career.

  • Background Thinking
    Learn how your background thinking and preparation can impact what you say and how you say it

This book is a road map that can help us become centered and "on purpose." If you want control of your life, your destiny and your future, read this book...
—Carol Coffnett, COO,
Gratiot Community Hospital,
Alma, Michigan